Who am I?

I am an technology enthusiast. I enjoy everything from electrical engineering to software development, to computer hardware and systems administration. More importantly, I am a hacker. Not the illegal kind (who are technically crackers), but the traditional meaning of the word: someone who enjoys taking things apart and re-purposing them. Any new device I have, any new piece of software I come across, I have to take apart and figure out how it works.

Why this website?

This site is self-hosted, and put together with a minimal framework of different software. The reason why this site isn’t just the cleanest template I could get off something like SquareSpace is because of an opportunity I think most people who make a website miss: The opportunity to do everything yourself.

Even a simple little site like this becomes a bit of a task when you decide to go full-stack and do everything from scratch. A typical web developer would have no concept of the systems administration side of things, like making sure the firewall permits just enough to support the client-facing application, while maintaining the security of the overall network. I would recommend to anyone whose role is just one part of the stack: try another part. It really is the best way to learn how to improve your current role.

License Disclosure

This site makes use of several awesome pieces of code and resources, here are all the projects that make this site possible:


A simple static site generator
License: MIT

Simple Icons

A nice clean SVG icon pack
License: CC0 Public Domain


An easy JavaScript library for manipulating dates and times.
License: MIT

GitHub Octicons

A set of SVG icons designed with Git in mind
License: MIT